AAP Government Really Changed Education System in Delhi?

Education in India has always been under acute scrutiny. Be it piling up of books in those backs causing despair to the kids or just lack of teachers, education has never been an even playing field. With new and new courses being introduced into the school, the curriculum now differs in vast aspects. Nevertheless, mental health is also being considered as one of the important subjects along with other essential courses which focus on holistic development of the children. Government oriented plans and efforts have been clearly working in a semi-efficient way and it only makes one believe that there might be a silver lining indeed.

We might have failed for years to live up to the generic notion of being a young and dynamic nation, but with one baby step at a time, we are trying to sail through the generic ideology and stereotypes, to form better policies and educational curriculum, such that we could step far and ahead. However, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that we actually have fewer and fewer schools in rural areas or places which are far from the idea of urbanisation. But does that mean that the lesser prosperous regions be deprived of education? Not really!Absence of schools makes it inaccessible to kids who might need to walk miles together just to get their basic rights fulfilled. Even if you have a school in the vicinity, is it equipped with the proper facilities such that it is convenient for students? Say drinking water, proper toilets, teachers who manage a class of certain strength, no shortages of teachers. These just sounded like a myth which exists in theory only. But change is constant and it was a glaring political agenda that demanded to be fixed.

Election campaign of AAP focuses majorly on getting the right to education sorted for every kid present in Delhi. The government has been proactive in building the education system from the ground up such that it has a strong foundation to sustain on. It might have been disappointing in the beginning, but post assuming political power in Delhi, AAP has been rolling out results which are nothing short of impressive.Overhauling of the education system was absolutely paramount and AAP delivering on its promises has nothing but fulfilling. With an agenda to transform the whole system, AAP has been taking resilient steps and path-breaking decisions such that it delivers what it had promised during the campaign. With new measures up its sleeves, it has proven to be one of the most efficient administrations in the recent times.

How: one might question!The educational budget offered by the AAP government is exorbitantly high. With education comprising more than 25% of the entire state budget, it has shown what its priorities are. Education has always occupied the top most slots for the current Delhi Government, and ensuring that surplus funds are always available for the same only reassures the dedication.Secondly, the government believes that bureaucracy can be a detrimental factor when progress and growth is concerned. It is not unlikely of influential individuals with a false sense of establishment to use their powers to be biased or otherwise. AAP rules out the former and has now employed young and dynamic individuals who focus on development and working on at the root level to get the job done just right.

Additionally, the cabinet that is supposed to look after the educational aspects of capital is led by an efficient leader who is assisted by the best in the industry. Be it his assistant or an advisory, they know what they are talking about and do not shy away from introducing new rules and methods to make it interesting and exciting for the kids. This is made possible by the sheer strength of volunteers who work round the clock, making it easier for parents and children to understand.

With the shortage of classrooms being a bigger challenge, the government focused on introducing more and more classrooms which can accommodate a better strength of student pool. But then this caused another problem where there were not enough teachers. This led to creation of job opportunities which allowed recruitment of teachers and quality ones at those. Not only this, the schools that have been built from scratch are also equipped with all facilities such that it encourages more admissions. With evening and local schools being on the road map, things are expected to look different soon.However, there was still a lot of friction where schools had to rush to the education department for every single amendment. AAP has ruled that constraint out by giving exclusive authority to the dean and principals who can make decisions which fall among their purview.

Wrapping it upReducing syllabus, enhancing learning ways and methods, making it more comprehensive makes it one of the best when administrative policies with respect to education is concerned. Will it fulfil its vision of getting items off the road map is only a matter of time before we find out.


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