Facebook rolls out Message Reactions and Mentions for Messenger

Facebook, as we all know is one of the widely used social networking websites. Almost all of us are using Facebook. Isn’t it? It is such a great site. It enables people to stay connected and updated about all the happenings in each others’ life. People use it to share their thoughts, pictures, locations, videos and much more.
Facebook has also launched a utility called Facebook Messenger. It helps you to chat with your facebook friends without logging into Facebook. It is available as android and iOS app. You can chat with your friends, if they are online.
Facebook has recently introduced two new features which can be used in Messenger and while commenting on a post. Let us have a look at these features:

  • Message reactions
    Facebook has introduced a wide range of new emojis such as smile, love, wow, angry, sad, thumbs-up or thumbs-down. You can use these emojis to a specific message. Thumbs-down seems to be the Facebook’s first dislike emoticon. You can now easily express your love, like, agreement, disagreement, happiness, etc. for any particular message or post. These emojis will be available while commenting on a post, group chatting and one-to-one chatting as well.
  • Mentions for Messenger
    Now, while in a group conversation, you can specifically mention the name of the person you want to convey your message to. All you need to do is to press “@” in text box and you will get the list of participants in that group. You can select the participant to whom you want to reply. The name of selected participant will be displayed as highlighted in your message. Also that participant will get a notification. This is also available while commenting on a post.

So, these are the two new features introduced by Facebook for its user. So, what are you waiting for, just enjoy these features..!!


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