Govt may pass 35 bills this winter session, but Will Public accept it?

Modi 2.0 is bent upon using every moment and making Government work as productive as possible. We just witnessed, with what speed they passed the bills in the last Parliament session meant for Budget. Passing off twenty-eight bills in Two hundred and eighty-one of sitting hours was no less feat that was achieved by this current central government. 

The budget session 2019 was supposed to be the most productive session in the last sixty years in the Indian Parliament history. What makes it more special is that some of the Bills were no ordinary ones, as it also included the major one like abrogation of Article 370 which removed the special status for the Jammu and Kashmir.

Some went to the extent of saying, are you delivering dominos pizza or having T20 cricket match !!! Since legislative processes are time-consuming something like this draws such obvious comments. The government, however, presented their cases saying every process and rules were being followed.

After not so good performance of NDA in the recent polls in Haryana and Maharashtra, it would be interesting to see how the Government manages the winter session. They plan to pass around 28 bills out of which some are generating lots of interest in the people.

Few of them worth mentioning are being listed below here :

1) Citizenship Bill

It raised lots of resentment including massive demonstrations & all sorts of protest marches across North. The bill is being taken as controversial since it proposes to take immigrants on criteria that some are objecting at. As per the bill, non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan are eligible for Indian citizenship, provided they are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians.

2) Transgender Bill (for Protection of their Rights)

Although the bill was introduced in July this year that was passed on August 5th, where it defined a transgender as the one whose gender does not match the gender assigned at the time of birth. It was for making the process more transparent and transgender-friendly and put restrictions on things that discriminate them as a transgender person.

The current amendment in the bill is meant to protect their rights even strongly as some of the provision in the last bill was criticized and objected to by many.

3) Personal Data Protection Bill

The bill is to regulate the system by which people’s individual data is being collected and processed by any agency. It talks about capturing an individual’s consent as a condition for the data collection. It could be for a medical emergency or even for the sake of providing benefits to citizens. 

The bill mentions the types of exemptions such as, in the name of national security, for legal jobs, or even for journalism usages. 

4) The Chit Funds (Amendment) Bill, 2019 

It is to make due amendments in the Chit Funds Act, 1982. The purpose is to prohibit anyone to create such funds without getting the prior sanction of the state government. 

The bill was referred to a standing committee on finance for scrutiny to identify the lacunae in the system. The government was advised to put the provision of insurance coverage for subscribers, apart from many other things for protecting their interest.

5) The Dam Safety Bill, 2019 

This is meant for management of safety of Dams whereby taking care of the services such as surveillance, inspection, operation, and maintenance.

The bill specifies dams having a height above 15 metres, or in the range of 10 to 15 metres with specific design and structural conditions PAN India.

There would be two national bodies taking care of the bill regulations, National Committee on Dam Safety (NCDS) and National Dam Safety Authority (NDSA)

The first one will evolve policies & look for the regulations with regards to dam safety standards while the other will implement policies spelt by the first body and provide the required technical support to the State Dam Safety Organisations (SDSOs).


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