Stop Cow Killings : Save Nature!

News related to Cow killings are considered sensitive from administrative point of view, hence such things are suppressed for obvious reasons. But as you get deeper into it you realize, it’s something that is a matter of concern for all of us as a society. Merely linking it to a religious issue and coloring it with communal flavour is a disservice to the human society. No logic can support such killing of cows by any means.

In Indian tradition nature & animals have always been worshiped. We should not do it as a blind tradition but for real scientific reasons cows should be taken care of and preserved well. Cows milk have been tested and proven to be the best alternative for mother’s milk for a new born and growing kids. It not only is light to digest and healthy in more than one ways but also is suitable for help building brain neurons and making of an intelligent mind for the youngsters. Products from cow’s milk, be it butter, paneer, curd or ghee all of them are considered to be of superior quality than being produced from any other milk such as buffalo’s etc. Every thing from cow is of medicinal value for the human kind. Cow’s urine have multiple uses in making of many ayurvedic and other naturapathy medicines. Cowdung has it’s own serious uses such as green energy as manure, fertilizer or for producing biogas and fuel for cooking etc.  It’s even used as disinfectant at homes in villages. After death Cow’s skin produces better quality leather products and bones also has many industrial as well as medicinal uses for people.

It’s a dirty mind’s move to connect cow’s killing to Hindu religion in order to politicize the issue and deviate the main focus. For many so called socialites it has become fashion to talk against cow protection & beef ban. These are some of the few people who simply show off  by talking of plight street dogs and issue of animal cruelty in films and so on but will shy away talking about cow being butchered so shamelessly and openly.

Time has come to join young and unbiased minds such Ashutosh Kaushik, many other NGO’s and common people from villages in drive against the killing of cows in India. People in west who eat beef do so because, their weather condition permit them, but Indian weather is not even suitable for eating beef, hence we should make people aware about it and spread the utility of Cow as multiple resources for us and bring back prosperity to all the mankind.


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