Do you know- Why Section 144 has been implemented in Ayodhya?

Court cases in our country have piled up so much that the volume terrifies equally to the people who are aware of it and the ones who have to tackle it. The judicial process in India has been very sturdy & credible making sure that justice is done to the people, however the time it may take. There are many hard facts known to all that, the civil court cases get stretched to years, where generations pass away but the decision is not taken. That's the irony, as the case filed by someone gets to see the light of justice by his grandsons. Ayodhya's case falls under the same category. It's been years that the case is being dragged upon. It is evident that for political reasons or circumstances beyond the control of the administrations, it kept on going endlessly.

Cases that get dragged on like this at times have to face public ire, as we all experienced it rising in 2002 leading to the demolition of the disputed structure at the Ram Janmbhoomi and the turmoil in the country thereafter. Such sensitive cases need very careful and mature handling by the administrators and the Govt. In general, the attitude of the people who are at the helm, responsible for taking decisions, do not do their part and try to avoid and postpone things.

It's a welcome change that the court has taken initiative to conduct a regular hearing and attend to the teams from both sides. Uncertainty has gripped the minds of people so much so that nobody knows which way the judgment will tilt. However, as the gossip mongers are at work through social media sites and apps therefore at times situations seem to get tense. Govt has imposed Section 144 till 14th Dec anticipating the unrest and hence incorporating their standard procedure to control trouble.

Even this proactive step from Govt is being taken as a signal in their favor by both parties. Hindus feel that the judgment would be in their favor and hence the section 144 is to contain the troubles from the opponents not favoring Mandir whereas Muslims feel that they may win and hence section 144 is imposed to check the developments due to the unrest if it may take place when they win the case. Everyone is hoping this time of some result as the case is in progress at the fastest speed possible and there are all chances of it reaching a conclusive end. The CJI Mr. Gagoi is retiring in Nov and it is considered to be a prestigious case for him to give a good convincing judgment on to. His name would definitely be scripted in history, however, the time will tell how will his judgment be accepted by the people of India. The hard work that's going on and the volume of work that is involved in this case makes it an all-time hit amongst people. We only hope that sense prevails in people and they wait patiently for the judgment and accept it wholeheartedly without any trouble.

India is a country where people from decades have been living with the concept of Sarva Dharma Samabhav (Equal weightage to each Religion). Hence we should take the judgment in our stride whichever way it may come and move ahead with life.


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